Thursday, June 12, 2014

What They Don't Tell You to Expect when You are Expecting: Part 2, Constipation

Everyone tells you that you will get constipated when your little one is incubating in your uterus. It's inevitable, apparently, and it will happen to you.

What they do not tell you: How much it hurts, and that it might make you throw up. You may remember my last What They Don't Tell You post that I throw up a lot now. At 22 weeks, that has gotten better, but there is still quite a bit of digestive regifting. Being constipated makes it worse... So I have been searching for things to do to resolve the issue, and keep it from occurring in the first place.

Here is what I have found to work:

1. Healthy Mama Move It Along! - Stool Softner - This works great early on, a great 1st trimester purchase. I got mine at Toys R Us. Link above is to Amazon, and their price is definitely better. In later months (like me at 6 months) it's great to have on hand, but now that I can eat more kinds of foods I prefer to do preventative eating.
2. Fruit - Fruit is the savior of my intestines. Especially watermelon, and pineapple. I found that eating these before bed made the morning go, uh, easier. Kiwi is supposedly really good for this, but I am not a fan, so I've been trying to get as much fresh fruit into my ever squished stomach.
3. Coconut Creamer - When I returned to the land of coffee (decaf sadly), I found that this creamer made my digestive track less congested. My preference is So Delicious Hazelnut Coconut Milk Creamer, which I get at Wegmans.
4. Water - This seems like a no brainer at first, but since it is really hard to drink enough as your belly gets bigger I wanted to mention it. Drink all the water you possibly can. Avoid other beverages. Replace fruit juice with fruit and water - it will ease up your constipation and get you more delicious vitamins and nutrients.
5. Exercise - Now don't go crazy here, but do get regular exercise. Take a 5-10 minute walk a few times a day, go to a prenatal yoga class, get some stretches in before bed and first thing in the morning, bellydance... whatever you want to do (after discussing with your doctor) is great, and will help keep things moving along.
6. Home Remedies - I will add a note of caution - not all home remedies are safe while you are pregnant. If you are unsure DON'T do it. Talk to your doctor before trying anything weird. The ones that I know worked for me are: Ayurvedic beverage - honey and lemon in equal parts, touch of salt, hot water, drink as often as you like. Heating pad - on my lower back for 30 minutes on/ 30 minutes off in the evenings, usually in conjunction with these other methods.

Let me know if these tips are working for you, or if you found something else that helped!

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Monday, April 14, 2014

What They Don't Tell You to Expect when You are Expecting: Part 1, Morning Sickness

I love the What to Expect App, I check it regularly to remind myself what The Kid looks like now, and what bits and pieces we are making this week. At week 14 The Kid is roughly the size of a clenched fist, which is the first non-fruit related size comparison I've seen. 


What they have not covered, even in the article on Morning Sickness, are all the things that could set off the digestive pyrotechnics.

Reasons I throw up, first trimester edition:
  • I ate (too much, the wrong thing, too often)
  • I didn’t eat (enough, frequently enough)
  • I’m over tired
  • I over slept
  • I smelled something
  • I leaned over too long
  • I stretched too long
  • A cat stood on my tummy (while I was sleeping)
  • I sneezed too much
  • I yawned too hard
  • I coughed too much
  • I’m cold
  • I’m hot
  • My jeans are too tight
  • My shirt/jacket/scarf touched my neck
  • The drive was too bumpy
  • And my personal favorite - No reason. 

Another thing they didn't tell me on their app, or their website, or anywhere really - no one warned me and I'm annoyed - when you barf you pee, even if you already went to the bathroom mere seconds before. It's clearly important to know, and they tell you all kinds of other 'gross' stuff but no one mentions that. I now have a change of pants in my truck at all times, just in case. Thankfully this did not occur in public the first time, and I was able to plan for it as a result. So be warned! 

Joyful Darkness.

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