Monday, February 16, 2015

SPAM poetry #1

Last week's SPAM email subject lines made into short poems. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation taken exactly. Each line is an individual subject line.


The first-rate way to please your woman
Feel the bottomless satisfaction tonight
Right ways to gratify your girl
Ensure the excellent acting in bed

I have a proposal for you
Start A Revolution, date a Russian
your pleasure in love is not far away

In order to live a magical life, you have to eat magical food
Latest innovation in food protein
Reach healthier life

Do Not 'Live'  in Fear of  Loud  Noises..
Do you know; Who lives next Door

It is time - to go on a joy-ride
A private jet Makes A great gift.

-Joyful Darkness

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Try it Out Tuesday: Godiva Goat - Jasmine and Angelica Root

We love trying new things at our house and sharing with our friends when we find a thing we like. So in that vain, I've decided to do a little 'Try it Tuesday' post set, where we try things out and tell you how we like them.

This week is a chocolate from Godiva. The office I work at sends out Godiva to clients and prospects, and with V-Day coming up we are shipping out a large quantity. I walk over with our office manager to get the chocolates, and because the office has a Godiva card, there are perks. One of those is a free piece of chocolate. I got this months... lucky me!

The Lunar New Year marked the Year of the Goat, and to celebrate Godiva brought out 3 kinds of chocolates shaped like Goats. The one I got has a dark chocolate coating and a dark chocolate ganache flavored with Jasmine and Angelica.

The coating had a nice snap, and melted in my mouth slowly - just as a good chocolate should. The ganache held it's shape, but was soft and creamy. The dark chocolate didn't have quite the bite to is that I prefer, but wasn't too sweet. Overall the Jasmine and Angelica flavors felt like an afterthought, not overly pronounced but present.

Would I buy this one? Perhaps if I had someone to impress but I would be more likely to buy their basic truffle set, or their special hearts box,

Joyful Darkness.

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