Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Seamless Pussyhat Pattern

I made this pattern for the Pussyhat Project, for some friends who are going to the march. All the patterns that I found required sewing, which I don’t like, so I made a pattern that eliminates it.

The hat is very easy to size up and down.

I used less than half a skein for each hat - multiple hats were made from each skein (2 from Sincerely, 1 from each partial skein of Red Heart that I had left from another project)

First here is the recipe for the hat (with pictures), then I will share the exact details of the hats that I made.

1. Chain half as many stitches as you need to go around the head of the wearer, then add one chain.
2. In 2nd chain from hook single crochet in 1/2 of the V of the chain, single crochet along the same half of your chain
3. turn your chain 180 degrees and continue around (do NOT add an extra stitch on the end, or your ears will not be as perky), I recommend that you crochet over the tail, so you do not have to weave that in at the end.
4. join with a slip stitch at the end of the round. Ch 2. turn if you want, or don't  - it's your hat.
5. Round two - double crochet around (ch 2 counts as first DC here and on every round to follow).
6. Continue making rounds until you are 2 inches away from desired length. On next round switch to alternating back and front post doubles to make a nice ribbed band.

7. Repeat the front and back post stitches for 2 inches. Finish off, weave in end.

My hats:
Row 1: Ch 34.  Sc 66 around the chain join to first sc with a slip stitch

Row 2 - 10: Ch 2 at the beginning, DC in the next stitch and DC around.

Row 11 - 13: Ch 2, front post double crochet (FPDC) around next dc, back post double crochet (BPDC) around the next, repeat alternating FPDC and BPDC until you reach the end of the round. Join to top of ch 2, and finish off, weave in end.

Toy Hat:
Row 1: Ch 15, Sc 28 around chain, join to first sc with a slip stitch.

Row 2-5: ch 2, Half double in next stitch, repeat for the entire round, joining to top of ch 2 with a slip stitch.

Row 6-7: Ch2, Front Post Half Double Crochet around next stitch, Back Post Half Double Crochet around the next, then repeat FPHDC and BPHDC until end of round, join to top of ch2 with a slip stitch.

Finish off, weave in end.

NOTES on adding length -

Raveler zephietx asked for a way to get a little more length in the back of the hat. Here are the two ways I thought of to accomplish this.

#1 - I used an additional front post half double crochet at each end of my short row to keep the hat from folding.

If you are going to add additional rounds, you may want to add 2 post half doubles at each end of the short row- when you are connecting it to the previous row - so that you can continue in FP/BP pattern. This is a great way to add a quick bit of length to the back of the hat.

Here is the video that I made to explain how to make a short row in the back of the ribbing.

#2 - Switch to half double post stitches in the front, with doubles in the back. A few repeats of this pattern will add space in the back without increasing your stitch count.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Gall Bladder Saga: Episode 1 - The Pre Surgical Diet.


December 9th I went to the emergency room with severe pain in my upper right abdomen, radiating into my back.

Wait, Take blood, Wait, Get Pain Meds, Wait, Get Ultrasound, WAIT, run into Co-Worker, WAIT. Get a bed, Get a diagnosis, Go Home.

Gallstones, low-fat diet, no spicy food, schedule surgery.

The Diet:

I looked at a lot of articles (both medical, and personal experience), and determined that 20% of my daily calories from fat was the upper limit that worked for most people. Some still had pain with 5%, and others could take 30%. Of course, I threw out the outliers and focused on the averages. I chose to start low and work up, 10% of my daily calories from fat for the first week (after my clear liquid diet for 24 hours, and slowly working up to normal food the next 24)

I used MyFitnessPal app to plan my food, and I made sure that I could make it work even with dinners that The Kilted One would eat too.

Here is what worked for me:

Breakfast 1:

1 cup GF Honey Nut Cheerios
1/4 cup Skim Milk (or almond, but that has some fat in it)

Breakfast 2:

Fat-Free Greek Yogurt with fruit


Egg Dish (1/4 cup rice, 1/4 black beans, 1/2 cup pepper/onion mix, 2 egg whites, Italian seasoning, onion salt, garlic salt, white pepper)

Snack 1:

2 oz. Fat-Free or Low-Fat Turkey and California Mix (Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots) about 1 cup with a tablespoon of Brown Sauce.

Snack 2:

1 medium, or 2 small white potatoes
1 cup Fat-Free or Low-Fat soup (Wegmans Red Pepper, Butternut Squash, or some Progresso flavors)

Snack 3:

4-6 Stalk of celery
2tbsp salsa
2tbsp Plain Fat-Free Greek Yogurt


1 Lean meat (2-3 oz), 2 veggies, no sauce or maybe a teaspoon of salad dressing brushed on the meat.

Examples  - Paleo Sloppy Joes made with 99/1 or 96/4 ground turkey; Alton Browns Shepard's Pie made with no oil, 96/4 ground turkey, no half and half, 2 tbsp of butter, no yolk; Bone in, skin on chicken roasted in the oven, remove skin, cut meat off bone (these can be used to make chicken broth for later if you are so inclined), with roasted sweet potatoes, and roasted Brussels sprouts (use a spray oil to reduce fat, go light on the spray. I tossed my sprouts with balsamic vinegar).


Protein 'pudding' made with Quest Protein powder, vanilla probiotic yogurt, and a mild sweetener - blend in a blender or with immersion/stick blender, add a bit of skim to thin out of needed.
1 serving of Fat-Free pretzels (most pretzels are Fat-Free but do read labels, not all Gluten Free pretzels are Fat-Free.)
Protein shake - Quest Powder, Milk, coffee flavoring syrup if desired.

This all comes to about 1400 calories, 10%fat, 30% protein, 60% carb (no gluten if you can find Fat-Free GF pretzels)

I tried to increase my fat % and it did not feel good, so I moved back to this.

I did find that once a week I have been able to handle a Dunkin Donuts ham, egg, and cheese on an English muffin with a coffee that has skim milk. 7ish grams of fat for that meal, however, I simply adjust the rest of my day to accommodate it.

After almost a month of this diet, I have lost almost 10 pounds. the downside - your body needs fat, and in the absence of sufficient fat my skin is now dry, and I am tired and cranky all the time.

More to come, as my surgery date looms.

With Gall and Bile,
Joyful Darkness.

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